21 June 2017

WCAI: The Little Engine That Couldn't

In ARC's most recent article about the WCAI's seemingly futile efforts to get their MEGA Patriot Rally off the ground, we posted a video of Sandra Solomon and Jeff Sharpe confronting Stephen Garvey at the March For Jesus event in Calgary. Joey DeLuca of the WCAI was on the other end of the video which is why is was so poorly produced. There is however another video of the confrontation that began before DeLuca began filming in which a rather unhinged Solomon laments that Garvey, "ruined the whole event" by his actions:

In another video, snippets of which will be published in this article later featurs Joey DeLuca complaining bitterly about being betrayed while he was trying to deceive the city. You see, DeLuca admits the whole "Anti-Racism Festival" organized under the National Advancement Party of Canada label was a "front" for his anti-Muslim rally. ARC and those I'm working with already knew the Garvey event was a front, but it is nice that DeLuca so readily admitted that WCAI practice taqiyya (hey, if the Islamophobes are going to accuse Muslims of lying, or practicing "taqiyya" I might as well apply their own label when it applies so readily to the Islamophobes).

But just when everything looked so bleak, a miracle occurred and the anti-Muslim, Mega Patriot Unity Rally was back on track, albeit a day later:

His friends in the Canadian Combat Coalition and the Cultural Action Party were a little confused though about the location, believing that Olympic Park and Olympic Plaza were one in the same. Still, A for effort champs!

They eventually got the location correct, and boy oh boy, was Ryan Dean enthusiastic about promoting it!

Now, those who have stuck with this story from the start are probably wondering how it is that the WCAI, who had been denied a permit to hold their little hate festival in Olympic Plaza when they had first applied for it back in April, were now claiming to have a permit for the public space now:


Yet another cover:

The pastor with the Calgary Street Church was one of the speakers at the WCAI protest at Calgary City Hall on June 3. The group is also not unknown to the folks at City Hall either.

Tickled pink that believed that they had somehow managed to pull this off, oh ladies and gentlemen! You could cut the smug with a knife:

Well Ryan is right. I didn't have an article prepared discussing the new time and location.... probably because I, along with anti-fascists in Calgary, was working on making sure that it didn't happen.


Criminal Charges Laid Against James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine

ARC hasn't been focusing as much on the efforts by Warren and Lisa Kinsella to keep the hate rag "Your Ward News" off the streets, however there has been an update that I think is definitly worth sharing:

So far, aside from Sears claiming the charges are, "baseless" there isn't all that much from the peanut gallery. Paul Fromm is silent so far. Michelle Erstikaitis is still in prison and as a result not really open to deep discussion on the issue. Gary Schipper is nowhere.

The only half-hearted response is the mere inclusion of a link on Larry's Facebook wall:

On behalf of ARC (so.... me), I offer my congratulations to the Kinsella's for the work they've done thus far. I know it isn't even close to being the end, but this is another solid step in the right direction.

18 June 2017

WCAI Putting On Brave, If Also Transparent, Face After Yesterday's Dumpster Fire

It is funny how quickly half-assed best laid plans can fall apart so quickly. One minute you're planning a "MEGA Patriot Rally" that will be attended by between 500 and 100,500 people....

.... and another minute, well:

The fallout from this has continued with Joey DeLuca posting the following on Garvey's Facebook wall:

So apparently, knowing full well that an anti-Muslim rally wouldn't receive a permit, DeLuca used a proxy to get the permit needed to book the space for his little hate fest. But it would also seem that proxy, Garvey and his NAPC, seems to have thought they were partners in this deal and as someone with political aspirations who knew that excluding people based on religion from what was announced as a public event would be illegal, actually opened it up to Muslims.

Never mind that Garvey stated that he didn't think any Muslim would come and that this was all stage dressing to beat any possible accusations and subsequent legal troubles related to discrimination, DeLuca and his mini-me Ryan Dean lost their collective shit:

And now that they have decided they hate Stephen Garvey because he is "obviously" sympathetic to jihadists and sharia law (because.... duh!), Dean is trying to sabotage the NACP event that the WCAI and CCC were originally co-planning:

And it has continued offline as DeLuca and Sandra Solomon confronted Garvey at an evangelical event in Calgary on Sunday:


17 June 2017

WCAI Islamophobic "Mega" Rally May Have Been Self-Quelled

An alternative title for this article could be "Everyone I Don't Agree With Is Funded By George Soros."

In one week, the MASSIVE and GAME CHANGING rally MEGA RALLY is set to take place somewhere in Calgary, though the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC) who are organizing it have been rather squirrely about releasing the actual location of the venue.... though ARC and others following the pratfalls of Joey DeLuca and his merry band of stooges have known the location for at least a month.

And they are super excited because there will be live bands and a bouncy castle and really big name speakers and a pig roast and 100,000 Americans coming and none of those icky Muslims will be there to ruin their fun!

However, there does seem to be a bit of a sticky wicket, in that they are still looking for bands to play and money to actually fund the event:

Joey isn't the only one trying to get in some last minute fund raising to actually make this event work:

Stephen Garvey of the National Advancement Party of Canada has been a long time ally of DeLuca and the WCAI. He has spoken at events attended by WCAI members and supporters, including the recent protests outside a Red Deer high school; he and DeLuca carpooled from Calgary in fact. DeLuca, who in a post rejected the more mainstream Conservative Party of Canada in favor of the future political juggernaut that is the NAPC, was also very appreciative of Garvey's support when the media (and ARC) made fun of the WCAI:

DeLuca also included Garvey as one of the supporters of the June 24 MEGA RALLY!!!! (sorry, but every time I read the hyperbolic claims about this event I can't help think of monster truck rallies minus the class and dignity):

DeLuca's inclusion of the NAPC seems to be more than just a courtesy, as Garvey may have been the one to secure a venue where the event was to take place:

Yeah, they tried to claim that this was an anti-racism event.


In any case, even if the June 24 event turns out to be a disaster, at least the strong, unshakable, bond that has developed between DeLuca and Garvey will remain.


Oh oh....

This doesn't bode well.

13 June 2017

Racist WCAI Members Don't Like Being Called Racists

Today a report was released detailing a significant rise in hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians across the country in 2015 according to Stats Canada:
The number of police-reported hate crimes against Muslims jumped by 60 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada. 
New data released Tuesday show there were 159 anti-Muslim incidents reported to police that year, up from 99 the year before.
In another CBC News article, the Edmonton police have arrested a blogger Barry Winters with LGBTQ hate-related offences. Winters was targeting not only specific members of the LGBTQ community (as well as the community in general), but he also has a long history of targeting First Nations and Muslim-Canadians as well as other minorities. The article included the following:
The Alberta Hate Crimes Committee advocacy group Tuesday put out a news release expressing concern about the most recent data from Statistics Canada showing that, overall in Alberta, hate incidents were up by 39 per cent in 2015, climbing from 139 to 193, compared to a five per cent rise nationally. 
The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council, which tracks Islamophobic-related incidents, says members are seeing an upsurge.
With this background, ARC received a message from a reader in Edmonton who sent us the following note:
Just now on my lunch hour as I was leaving City Centre mall near the end of my lunch (ends at 1pm Alberta time), I noticed a group by the Canada 150 sign that was installed in front of Edmonton City Hall. About 4 boneheads were around a woman on a megaphone who was saying stuff that was mostly blocked by the wind, the fountain and some music. As I passed by they had a sign laying down with the paraphrased message of "Keep Canada safe from Islamic People". I've been off of your site for awhile but didn't know they were operative out here and wanted to pass along info. 
The group in question included members (and evidently not many of them) of the Canadian Combat Coalition, perhaps a smattering of Soldiers of Odin members, and of course Sandra Solomon who is currently on a tour of Alberta. Ryan Dean had been making a point of promoting Solomon's travels, including her appearance in Edmonton:

Not sure Ryan "Alberta" Dean is not going by Ryan Abertaz. Maybe he's had a stroke and lost control of his fine motor skills temporarily while typing the new name? Perhaps "Abertaz" just sounds more extremez. Suffice it to say, it just seems stupid.

The "fake media" in this case seems to be specifically focused on a journalist from the "Edmonton Journal" who wrote a scathing piece on the WCAI, CCC, and SoO protest at a Red Deer high school.

Ryan Dean and Joey De Luca continue to hold a grudge because, as discussed in a recent article, they have skin that makes origami paper look like leather by comparison:

Yes, because making veiled, misogynistic, threats to, "confront that bitch" certainly makes you look like a well adjusted and respectable member of the community Joey.

What both Dean and De Luca continue to chafe at is the continual references to the racism and bigotry of the WCAI (and, by extension, CCC) which is unfair because.... why is that Joey?

Ah! That's right! Both the WCAI and CCC are inclusive, multi-ethnic (there are at least three shades of white), hate groups advocacy groups.

But let's examine one little part of what De Luca has claimed here:

Anytime, you say?

Well then, you might want to get to know your "Manitoba captain" better then because he's a whole heaping pile of anti-Semitic and racist comments:

12 June 2017

Soldiers of Odin: Requiem?

There was a point when I and the then other members of ARC would keep a close eye on what PEGIDA Canada was up to, both online and when they engaged in what were ultimately fruitless "flash demonstrations" that didn't accomplish anything other than to show their insignificance. They did however garner some press coverage for a cancelled protest in Montreal and a failed protest in Toronto.

PEGIDA Canada still exists on Facebook, but I can't actually remember the last time I paid much attention to them. Many of the members who actually did protest have given up or moved on to other flavors of the moment (i.e "Suffragettes Against Silence") or formed their own group; before Joey De Luca created the WCAI, he was the Alberta rep for PEGIDA. I think this is in part because many of these people seem to want to be the head of something, perhaps as a result of a personality conflict or the feeling that "they" have the answers. Others simply seem to grow bored and drop out. In any case, the results are the same. After an initial flurry of activity, these groups inevitably lose energy and their members lose interest.

This phenomena seems to also be happening with the Soldiers of Odin.

Now, to be clear, I'm not saying that the SoO is entirely a spent force. They are still able to get some numbers out in both Alberta and Ontario as evidenced by the protests that occurred in Calgary on June 3 as well as the protests that have taken place in Toronto as well as SoO members in Ottawa on both May 6 and June 3 as well. Quebec may also still be active, though provincial president Katy Latulippe is doing a piss poor job of trying to keep up the facade that the SoO aren't filled with racists:

But other than that?

11 June 2017

WCAI Continuing to Make Friends and Influence People

In a previous article, ARC discussed the reactions to both the Toronto and Calgary "Million Canadian" marches that both fell 999,000+ short of a million. In that article was included a video featuring Bernard "the Roughneck" Hancock whom ARC described as an actor:

In truth, the characterization wasn't intended to be pejorative and I do believe that his public persona (particularly his first appearance in Ottawa wearing a hard hat, coveralls, and covered with grime from "work" in the oil patch was a bit of performance art) does include an element of acting in that anyone appearing in front of an audience is "acting" in a sense, Mr. Hancock rejects this characterization:
I'm not an actor. I've acted in one play in university (at the request of a friend and to raise funds for the Eaton Corner Historical Society) and I was Baby John in West Side Story back in grade 9. I've worked on and off on service rigs since 2006. It's completely unfair for you to call me an actor in a lame attempt to discredit me. Even David Chlamydia and Kikki Planet have had to retract falsehoods and concede that yes, in fact, I am who I say I am. If you indeed stand with me against racism and intolerance, and you are appreciative that someone in the conservative movement is calling these groups out for what they are, I would be much obliged if you would correct the falsehood in your video. I hope this page is about shining a light on racism, and not just a veiled attempt to delegitimize people you disagree with politically. Thank you in advance.  
N. Bernard Hancock
If Mr. Hancock believes that ARC's characterization of him in this regard is unfair, I have no problem not doing so should he be mentioned in the future. And despite this writer's fundamental disagreements with him on a host of issues, I can at least agree with Mr. Hancock, based on what I heard from his speech in Edmonton, that attacking an identifiable group (Muslims) because of the heinous actions of some individuals is unjustifiably bigoted and hateful, as well as the poisonous nature of the groups he alludes to and who he mentions by name.

One of those groups, the Canadian Combat Coalition which is allied with WCAI, saw the video of Mr. Hancock's speech and reacted with grace and dignity, accepting what was a rather mild rebuke as constructive criticism.

Or Ryan Dean, the CCC head honcho, cried and gnashed his teeth:

10 June 2017

More Shade Thrown on Sandra Solomon: Greg Renouf

Sandra Solomon is currently continuing her tour of western Canada soliciting money warning everyone of the nonexistent imminent  threat of anti-Muslim crackpots doing something stupid sharia law being imposed on Canadians which, of course, means a dystopian society where bacon is banned and that everyone in the country is required to listen to Yusef Islam:

Dear god.... the horror.

The horror.

But while she still has her supporters in the JDL and WCAI, the shine on Solomon is starting to wear off in Ontario where people know her best.

We can add another individual to the list of Solomon's detractors.

Our readers will know the name Greg Renouf who first became infamous for his involvement in the Occupy Movement, first in Vancouver and, after he was punted for being a dick, Toronto where he was also very quickly booted. He then decided to throw his lot in with Ezra Levant to attack left-wing, progressive, and socialist movements in the country. He has frequently been seen at the anti-Muslim protests at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto attempting to agitate.

Long story short, he's not a fan of Solomon:

Pretty clearly Solomon is becoming a rather polarizing figure.

But at least she still has the support of the classy mofos in the WCAI:

8 June 2017

Muslims Assaulted: Suspect Linked to WCAI and "Million Canadian Deplorables" March

ARC received the following tip from a friend:
Muslims Targeted by Oshawa Woman 
Jun 08, 2017 13:02 ET
On Sunday, May 21, 2017, at approximately 4:30 p.m., the accused approached a couple walking in the Oshawa Centre and uttered threats and assaulted them.
The female victim was wearing a hijab and the threats made by the accused were in relation to her dress. As the victims walked away, a bystander approached the accused to ask about her actions. The accused kicked the female bystander and another male who attempted to intervene, both of whom are Muslims. 
On Monday, May 22, 2017, at approximately 1:45 p.m., the accused approached a woman at Lakeview Park in Oshawa and pushed her to the ground before fleeing the scene. This victim was also Muslim.
Georgina CASSIDY, age 47 of Oshawa, has been charged with: Assault x5; Threaten Deathand Threaten Bodily Harm. She was held for a bail hearing.

This individual wasn't someone known to ARC, however our friend also noted that she had at least some sort of link to a group ARC and others have been focused on for some time:

The Nationalist Movement, White Lives Matter "like" is also rather telling, but the WCAI Canada "like" is especially interesting to us.

She is also a member of the secret WCAI group where she appears to have made a single post:

The post on the WCAI Facebook group occurred a little over two months before the first alleged assault took place.

Cassidy was also a member of this Facebook group, who's failed protest has been covered here and in the msm:

No word on whether or not Gina Cassidy participated in the march herself.

When groups such as WCAI dehumanize people on the basis of their religion, it can't be a surprise when people are "radicalized" and then act on that negative characterization.

7 June 2017

Disappointment and Anger: More Fallout From June 3 Anti-Government/Anti-Muslim Protests

As ARC readers are already aware of, there were some protests that occurred in the country this past Saturday targeting the sitting government (especially the prime minister), Muslims, refugees, and immigrants. The big show was to have been in Ottawa when a million Canadians were to have marched on Parliament Hill to demand the immediate resignation of Justin Trudeau and the removal of the Liberal Party from power because.... reasons I guess.

Even before, one of the main organizers tried to tap down expectations suggesting the number would be between 1,000 and 30,000 people. The right-wing "media" that covered the event suggested the number who attended was 5000, a number that our friend from the Cultural Action Party embraced and disseminated to his readers:

So basically, Breitbart is depending on The Daily Caller who didn't attend the event but is sure that the protest resulted in 5,000 Canadians showing up.

Oh yes, they were a "tad off" alright!