16 August 2017

WCAI Rally In Vancouver August 19 and the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack

Decent people are still mourning the death of Heather Heyer who was murdered by a Nazi supporter in Charlottesville during an "alt-right" rally.

Among those decent people, the POTUS is not among them. The current occupant of the White House, after his previous moral failure in suggesting an equivalency between the fascists who called for the extermination of Jews and the superiority of the "white race" and the citizens who oppose those views before a ham fisted (and tepid) condemnation of the Nazis and Klan 48 hours after the death of Ms. Heyer, decided to triple down on his first statement and even suggested that these people were simply peaceful protesters who were "attacked" by the anti-fascists:

If there is anything positive that resulted from this tragedy, it is that it has resulted in people who might otherwise have ignored hate groups as "fringe" recognizing the real danger they present to individuals and institutions. It has resulted in the msm paying much more attention and exposing these haters. It has resulted in some of the right-wing media, such as "The Rebel" in Canada, trying |(and failing; three correspondents have left as of today) to backpedal their support. And it has resulted in a fracturing of the movement between the hardcore "alt-right" who still support and celebrate what happened and the "alt-lite" who have decided that being edgy, meme-loving, nationalists might not be in their long term interests. I will be talking at length about the infighting in Canada (which to be fair preceded the events in Charlottesville) at a later date.

Among those in Canada who have decided to end any pretense of being non-racist and to fully embrace the spirit of the "Unite the Right" Nazis, Klan members, and militias who marched in Charlottesville is the World Wide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI). Again this trend began before the Charlottesville tragedy as the following twitter posts prove....

15 August 2017

III% Alberta Militia Leader Suggests They Are Going To Become Property Managers In Edmonton

While the anti-Muslim/anti-Government rallies held on June 3 were mostly unsuccessful across the country, the event in Calgary was an exception as it managed to attract close to 100 people. One of the distinguishing features of this rally was the presence of III% Alberta members who claimed to be acting as security, some of whom were armed with stun canes:

The III% militia has also provided "security" at other venues including Toronto where some of their members were involved in assaults on a journalist and counter protesters. More recently in Hamilton where they helped to provoke conflict. In response to the latter incident as well as to the tragedy in Charlottesville, a Hamilton city councilor is working to ban outside groups security at future rallies and protests on city property. This doesn't preclude III% militia members from being involved in protests, only that they can not claim that they are present in an official capacity, however the thought of not being able to walk around in airsoft gear is really rustling some III% jimmies.

ARC has written about the III% militia several times at this point, including the posting of an article while I was away bursting into flame enjoying the sun on my vacation. At the time the head of the III% Alberta militia made the following comment:

At the time I wasn't really sure what the "huge x5" thing(s) Welling was going on about and since I was heading out of the country I wasn't going to find out any time soon. A friend was keeping tabs on them however and I found this waiting for me on my return:

14 August 2017

Brian Lilley, "The Rebel" Co-Founder, Resigns

While the tragedy in Virginia and association with the "alt-right" appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back, Lilley suggests that this was a process that began some time ago. He posted the following on Facebook:

Earlier Ezra Levant attempted some damage control by disavowing any connection to the "alt-right." His rather infamous correspondent tried to as well:

I suppose then that this is rather inconvenient:

 And as with McInnes' failed effort, Levant's attempt to distance himself from the beast he helped to promote has also gone down like a lead balloon:
A leadership candidate for Alberta's United Conservative Party is calling on other candidates to condemn Rebel Media for its coverage of the deadly clash between anti-racism activists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va. on the weekend. 
Doug Schweitzer, facing a tough battle against leadership frontrunners Jason Kenney and Brian Jean, took to Twitter on Saturday to accuse the right-wing media outlet of defending the white supremacists during its coverage of the violence.....Just before the fatal collision, Rebel personality Faith Goldy was livestreaming from the scene and condemning authorities for allowing counter protesters to rally, after they declared the white supremacist march an illegal gathering.
Speaking of Goldy, posts such as these probably don't help Levant's argument:

"The JQ" is the Jewish Question, a term one of the "alt-right's" heroes seems to have had an answer to.

Events in Charlottesville, VA: Some Canadian Racists React (Part II)

ARC continues to watch the fall-out from the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally and counter protest. It didn't take long for Charlottesville "truthers" including Canadians to emerge suggesting that the murder of Heather Heyer was either:
  1. A false flag.
  2. An accident precipitated by the actions of the counter protesters.
  3. Committed by a "left-wing" Bernie Sanders supporter. 
  4. George Soros. Honestly, just the name George Soros because even though I'm generally pretty good at figuring out what conspiracy nutters are going on about, this is a stretch even for them. Basically invoking the name is enough to suggest a dark conspiracy.
Here are a few of such examples:

There are also those who continue to celebrate the death of another human being and hope for more of the same:

There have been a number of rallies and vigils held throughout North America today both to honor the memory of Heather Heyer as well as to condemn the racist "alt-right" white supremacist movement. The event in Toronto, held at the America consulate, was crashed by Ronny Cameron who is now styling himself as a journalist:

The video is well over an hour long and tedious as hell as Cameron attempts to "debate" people attending a vigil to honor a murdered woman....

....but here are a few of the comments from people Ronny suggests are, "the best":

Lots of class.

13 August 2017

Vigil held in Montreal in Honor of Heather Heyer and to Protest Hate Rally in Charlottesville

200 attend Montreal solidarity rally against white nationalists in Charlottesville 
Montreal protesters denounce racism, anti-semitism, celebrate life of victim Heather Heyer
CBC News Posted: Aug 13, 2017 9:14 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 13, 2017 10:41 PM ET
In Montreal, around 200 people protested against the Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan sympathizers who planned to stage one of the largest supremacist rallies in recent U.S. history in Charlottesville, VA. 
Over the weekend, the events in Virginia denigrated into violent clashes between white nationalists and civil rights activists.
Many people held signs and some held photos of Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old woman killed on Saturday after she was rammed by a car amid the protests.
Heyer was a civil rights activist, in attendance to counterprotest the white nationalists who converged on the Virginia college town to demand the city keep a statue honouring a Confederate war hero.
Earlier, I had reported on an incident that had occurred in which a truck struck a protester. While it was certainly upsetting in the wake of the tragedy in Charlottesville on Saturday, it turned out not to be a copycat but was instead just your run-of-the-mill impatient idiot driver:

Thankfully it seems that the person who was struck, an independent journalist with 99%Media, was not seriously injured. 

Events in Charlottesville, VA: Some Canadian Racists React

I imagine that many of ARC's readers have been following the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA as well as the large counter protest opposing them. The anti-fascists, anti-racists, and faith groups, and others faced off against bigots who, in many cases, were armed. There were a number of people injured and at least one counter protester was killed when a car driven by an "alt-right" supporter and plowed into a large group:

The racist rally was also being followed by many of those ARC has covered here on the blog, including Devon Mannix (formerly of the CAP) who celebrated the events of yesterday evening and today, alluding to the rise of Hitler:

Others, including III% Alberta, posted variations of the following:

The response to the the news that a woman was killed by a supporter of the White Supremacists was especially loathsome. Interestingly, one of the individuals who caught the horrible event on film was "The Rebel's" Faith Goldy who herself harbors, at the minimum, White Nationalist sympathies:

10 August 2017

Anything happen while I was away?

After writing the last post on August 6, I decided to forgo using the Internet for a few more days. Being exposed to negativity and hatred daily will take a mental and emotional toll on anyone and I've learned that it is important to get away from it to recharge. As such, I had been out of the loop for almost a month, but I wasn't too concerned because really, how much could possibly occur during the time I was away?

Well, quite a lot it seems.

Looking first at the mainstream media, there were a few national and international stories that I'm sure ARC's readers have been aware of for much longer than I have been.

6 August 2017

Nope. Couldn't do it.

I lasted until August 5.

Truth be told it wasn't THAT bad. I have a tan for the first time in years and I actually got into the water a few times despite my fear of everything ocean related, but it wasn't the kind of vacation I enjoy. Not enough things to do and in general I don't like being away for more than a couple of weeks.

I also missed my pillow.

Anyways, I'll be back to posting once I've reacquainted myself with the groups and individuals covered by this blog and review the events that have occurred during my absence. It will take a bit of time though.

With that in mind I'm going to take the next few days off to binge watch the entire "Babylon 5" series. 

3 August 2017

III% Saskatchewan, the Embarrassing Cousin

Still on vacation, though probably becoming antsy to be returning home. "Let's go to Turk and Caicos!" my sister said. "It'll be fun!" she said.

I hate beaches! They're boring after the first half hour and as I don't swim in the ocean due to an "eaten by shark" phobia I've probably read all of my cheap paperbacks by this point. Of course as I'm writing this in early July, so perhaps it won't be as bad as I think it will be. Aren't vacations supposed to diminish stress?

Anyways, since I wrote about the Alberta III% militia, I decided to look at the Saskatchewan III% militia which is, to put it mildly, less organized than their prairie counterpart to the west. I've actually been sitting on these screen shots since December 2016 but couldn't think of a place to use them so while a bit dated, they do reflect the current state of the Saskatchewan chapter fairly well.

The site was at one time run by two people, Rob Tinant and "Bonnie Knoxville" though her actual name is Lori (more on that later):

The Facebook group contains the usual anti-Muslim and anti-government trip with the added bonus of overt white nationalist and misogynistic posts:

In general though, it wasn't exactly a group that warranted a great deal of attention which is why ARC hadn't posted the collapse of the Facebook leadership. However since I have all of the screen shots saved, why not share them as an example of how prone to infighting groups such as this are and how even the more organized Alberta III% chapter is likely to fall into decline as a result of infighting as well?

Without any further commentary. Just enjoy the chaos:

29 July 2017

WCAI and CCC Coming to Terms With Their Ineffectiveness

Still away of course and knowing myself as I do, at this point in my vacation I have probably desperately tried to locate a museum, art gallery, or library and have threatened my sister with great bodily harm for pestering me about going shopping for the umpteenth time at the exact same generic mall one could find in any god forsaken suburbanite hell hole. Fear god, I'm probably doing something touristy now too. If I come back with my hair in cornrows and a henna tattoo, I hope someone in my life will rightfully shame me in public.

Sometime today, unless something has changed since my absence, the Canadian Combat Coalition will be holding an event in Edmonton followed by, so Ryan Dean claims, an event on a nearby private property:

One however can't help noticing in all of their announcements leading up to this event that the bravado that preceded the June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Rally in Calgary isn't quite there any longer.

Although both Dean and Joey DeLuca of the WCAI initially desperately tried to spin it as a success, their MEGA rally was a dismal failure. They have started to admit as such now publicly, though they can't blame their own incompetence as reason. No, there has to be a scapegoat:

22 July 2017

Alberta III%

Yep, I'm still away and hopefully stretched out on a beach enjoying a Cuba Libre, though given my constitution more than likely laid up in a hotel room regretting not getting that Dukoral booster with a sunburn so bad you could roast a marshmallow using the heat radiating off my body. Either way, here is another now likely out-of-date article scheduled to publish while I'm away.

In a week from today, the Canadian Combat Coalition is planning on holding an event in Edmonton with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam in attendance as well:

You were never fooling anyone with that name, Ryan.
I'm sure everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear the oratory of one Joey DeLuca
Given the disaster that the June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Rally turned out to be, this might be perceived as an effort to save the CCC and WCAI reputation as actual significant players on the far-right anti-Muslim/refugee/immigrant scene. Certainly Ryan Dean and Joey DeLuca would like to return to the numbers that participated in the June 3 rally which was in large part bolstered by the presence of III% Alberta members who provided security.... and were carrying weapons, btw. The III% members didn't participate in the MEGA rally ostensibly because of "security concerns" when the mayor of Calgary and Muslim student groups were invited by Garvey, however the head of the Alberta III% militia suggests another possible reason:

First, Beau Welling seems just a wee bit full of himself and the capabilities of the III% militia.

Second, even he seems to recognize that the CCC and WCAI are in fact hate groups. In this reply he does seem to be at pains to separate the III% Alberta militia from other groups. He also posted a message claiming to have spoken to the RCMP whom he claims doesn't regard the III% militia as a hate group:

Oh, not a "pure hate group."

Well that is certainly reassuring.

If such a conversation did take place, I'm guessing that Beau is either gilding the lily or really didn't understand the nature of the discussion because given the rhetoric of the membership, the III% would absolutely be on the radar of the RCMP.

At the beginning of July ARC published an article discussing the decline of the Soldiers of Odin and how the membership is drifting into other, perhaps even more extreme, movements. This fella who was (and may still be) in an SoO leadership position is a case in point:

Also, last month Mack Lamoureux wrote an article for "Vice" detailing a months long investigation into the III% movement, focusing specifically on the Alberta chapter which appears to be the most active as well as a sit down interview with Beau Welling. The article indicates the III% militia is a deeply paranoid, anti-Muslim group that readily accepts any conspiracy theory that confirms their biases. This may be somewhat of a concern under normal circumstances, but add the stockpiling of weapons for a future civil war and the "monitoring" of those citizens they consider to be un-Canadian, well, the danger meter is sort of dialed to 11.

First, let's take a look at the claim that they aren't racists. As of the writing of this article, the New Democratic Party is in the midst of a leadership campaign. One of the candidates is Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian-born Sikh (and a much better dresser than I am). The presence of Singh, who again I stress was born in Canada, was commented on by at least some III% supporters:

Well, maybe their antipathy was directed more towards the NDP, though I somehow doubt that is the whole reason.

One thing that is crystal clear though is the III% Alberta hatred of Muslims. Here are but a few of the posts that illustrate that:

There's also the anti-Muslim conspiracy theories that get trotted out with frequency:

They also seem to attract a few people who are.... shall we say questionable?

Well Evert, Thomas Trenerry certainly didn't stand alone when the Aryan Guard was a going concern:

Trenerry's involvement in the III% militia actually brings me to the other reason why the RCMP would be keeping an eye on the III% militia. Even if the racism and Islamophobia was not present, the III% militia would be a concern due to their anti-government position that is often (hell, usually) violent in nature, at least rhetorically speaking:

Again, the following is merely a Whitman's Sampler of anti-government rhetoric from III% supporters on the Alberta Facebook, national, and other provincial Facebook groups, much of which is directed at the current Prime Minister and would probably constitute a crime:

And then there is there is how they monitor people. Not just the Muslims, as was evident in the Vice article, but also their ideological opponents:

Not Jason, or Bonnie, or Andy,  or Shane,  or Marcell, or Syed, or Leah,  or Julian, or Richard, or Charles, or Grace, or Martin, or Alan, or "two brothers in Calgary," or any of the other people that have been erroneously listed as writers of the blog.  Some of the names aren't even ones I recognize as activists. It has been almost a decade and you still have yet to get it right. Then again why listen to me now when you haven't so far?

Really, you people are very bad at this.

Don't think that being a bystander gets you off the hook. Not showing the requisite amount of patriotism for a III% supporter might be enough to put you or, as in this case, your neighborhood on the list:

When reading posts such as these, I can't help thinking of the line from Alan Moore's groundbreaking comic series:

Who watches the watchmen?